The life you crave is possible. You can be the woman and parent you desire to be without burning yourself out.

 Mom Is In Control Mastery 

A year-long transformational experience for ambitious mothers ready to create the abundant life their soul craves through conscious parenting and emotional mastery.

Gain a deeper and calmer connection with your child… even if you feel like it's too late.

Create space in your life to breathe…even if you work 12 hours a day and parent a van full of kids.

Cultivate joy and ease into all your days… even if your partner isn't into personal development.

Harness energy you never knew you had… even if you normally feel depleted from trying to raise happy and healthy kids.
Massive clarity and immense transformation through a highly-personalized coaching program. Epic lives start here.
We are now accepting applications for 2017. Please fill out this application and talk to one of our program matchmakers. 


(Because of the results-based nature of this program, we screen our clients carefully to ensure we can 100% deliver – apply today and we’ll get on the phone to make sure it's a good fit).

Investment Options
$500 /month x12
  • * MIIC training modules 
  • * Text/voice coaching
  • * Individualized Laser coaching 
  • * Productive Sessions - 7+ weekly hours of coaching/action taking for (12 months).
Soul Elite
Invite Only 
  •  * MIIC training modules
  •  * Text/voice coaching
  •  * Monthly group coaching calls 
  •  * 1:1 coaching sessions. Year long program.  
  • * Productive Sessions. 
  • * 2 In Person VIP DAYS (plan, strategize, create, grow). 

What Others Are Saying...

I just wanted to share how much this group and the productivity sessions have transformed my life in the last 3 weeks. Yes, TRANSFORMED my life. 

I initially reached out to Heather because of being disconnected to my son and pretty much hating mom life. I knew the only way to change the relationship was by taking ACTION and reaching out for the help I needed. 

I FULLY believe that ACTION is the key to changing your life. That is exactly why I invested in myself by joining the mastermind. While I had fear around the commitment and money, I knew I had to jump. I just didn't realize how quickly I was going to transform my relationships, my energy, my time and my overall happiness. My CDFs are Nourished, Connection, Abundance, Peace and Healthy.

Just by taking control of my time and to-do list through delegating, setting boundaries, showing up to get shit done in the productivity sessions & creating accountability, I have shifted to being more present with my son (Connection), have more patience with my family (Peace), spend more time having fun (Nourished), choosing healthier options and movement (Healthy) and are in control of my budget (Abundance). Is everyday perfect? Hell no. Cause real life. But I have seen such a difference in how I react to EVERYTHING in a more positive, controlled way. Which in turn just reinforces the notion of ACTION. 

I am so looking forward to the Energetic Time Management class this weekend, because I keep thinking to myself, “Holy shit, how can I make this even better?”. How can I continue to improve so I can be living fully aligned with my CDFs? 

And then I realize…. I am already creating the life I want.  #action
- Val

Do You? 

Have an ambition to make a bigger impact in the world beyond your role as a parent?

Want to learn to manage your emotions and become less reactive?

Crave more love, more connection, more time, and a deeper sense of purpose?

Want to heal yourself in order to truly understand your children’s behavior and help them?

Long for community and connection with game-changing women who speak your language and just “get” you?

Want to cultivate authentic connections with your children, your partner, your world?

If you answered yes to any of the above, and you’re done with excuses, ready to break up with struggle, and ready to create abundance in all aspects of your life, well then…

The Mom Is In Control Mastermind Program is for YOU.


Program Features

The Mom is in Control Mastermind program pairs laser strategic training with soul-based coaching to help you cultivate new mindsets and take inspired action. Crack yourself open to a new way of parenting and living in alignment with the deepest desires of your soul.

Through weekly coaching, accountability, and productivity sessions, connection to the MIIC community, and life-time access to curriculum and resources, you’ll experience immense transformation and lasting change.

Conscious Parenting 101

Learn how to get your kids to listen and respect you without punishment.

Understand discipline vs. natural consequence to help your child gain autonomy.

Discover the three keys to compassionate communication that prevent meltdowns, shorten tantrums and deepen your mother- child connection. ​

**These strategies are appropriate for children of all ages.

Create Ease And Flow
Learn the Mom Is In Control techniques to design the life you crave (and how to get your husband on board).

Take action through weekly productivity sessions to create ease and flow in your everyday life—burn out be gone!

Cultivate relationships that fill you up without leaving you drained.

Energetic Time Management

Learn what energy leaks are and how to stop these unconscious habits so you have more energy at the end of the day.

Access to ready-to-use templates on how to structure your day to avoid burnout and exhaustion.

Understand why you've put off taking care of yourself or stopped pursuing that exciting project you’ve dreamed about.

Dodge procrastination and take action to create the life your soul craves without the guilt, fear, or overwhelm.

Emotional Intelligence Mastery

Recognize your own and other peoples’ emotions, learn to discriminate between different feelings and label them appropriately.

Decode and understand your child's behaviour.

Learn how to respond without yelling.

Cost of the MIIC Program

Productivity Sessions, Accountability and Weekly Coaching: Soul-Based, strategic and tailored to your unique life as a woman and mother ($3000)

Email Success Coaching: Direct, private feedback and coaching with Heather via voice and text ($2000 value)

Weekly Step By Step MIIC Module Trainings:  Transform your life through conscious parenting, ease and flow, energetic time management, and emotional intelligence mastery ($600 value)

MIIC Mastermind Community: Ambitious, holistic, and game-changing women unite to support and transform together (Priceless)

Lifetime Membership to Curriculum & Resources (Priceless)

BONUS: Teach Your Kid to Meditate Program ($400 value)

BONUS: Early Bird Access to MIIC Jumpstart ($500 value)

BONUS MODULE: How to Manifest & Feel In Control Of Your Money ($1000 value)

Plus, a whole lot of magic that unfolds along the way. And that I just can’t put a price on.


ACTUAL INVESTMENT: $500 x 12 = $6,000

$500 x 12 payment plan. Or, $5500 when paid in full.

Please read investment coaching level details above before applying


Not - So - Fine - Print. 

If accepted into the program, you will be given a legal coaching agreement contract indicating program details and responsibilities of Heather Chauvin - as your coach. 

Happiness policy: If you do not feel this program meets your current needs within the first 60 days of the start date, Heather will terminate the contract and you are not obligated to continue. 


This program is not intended to replace any medical attention. It's purpose is only to enhance your life and your child's life experience.

Now, if you’ve made it this far and are interested, excited, and scared…that’s a good sign! Click on the Apply Now button and apply. Change won't happen unless you do.

If you have any personal questions, please contact us directly at support (at)

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