The life and relationships you want are possible and you don't have to burn yourself out to be the person and parent you desire to be. 

 Mom Is In Control Mastery  

transformational experience for ambitious women who want to redefine who they are while being the parent their soul crave to be. 

You can have a deeper, calmer connection with your child, even if you feel like it's too late. ​
You can create the space in your life to breathe, even if you work 12 hrs a day and have a van full of kids. ​
You can cultivate joy and ease in your day to day life, even if your partner isn't into personal development. ​
At the end of the day, you don't need to feel depleted and lifeless to raise happy, healthy kids (actually, feeling depleted will do more harm than good). ​
Change is possible. It takes specific action steps to get there. Which is exactly what I will teach you in our highly personalized coaching programs. 
We are now accepting applications for 2017. Please fill out this application and talk to one of our program matchmakers. 

Investment Options
(12 months of coaching) 
$500 /month x12
  • * MIIC training modules 
  • * Text/voice coaching
  • * Individualized Laser coaching 
  • * Productive Sessions - 7+ weekly hours of coaching/action taking for (12 months).
Soul Elite
Invite Only 
  •  * MIIC training modules
  •  * Text/voice coaching
  •  * Monthly group coaching calls 
  •  * 1:1 coaching sessions. Year long program.  
  • * Productive Sessions. 
  • * 2 In Person VIP DAYS (plan, strategize, create, grow). 
What is a Productive Session? 

A Productive Session is a 2-3 hour period where you get shit done! Re-listen to a module, create something, clean out a closet or being highly productive at work. These sessions hold you accountable to taking action and doing what needs to get done to create the results you desire. 

  • We start off on the conference line and set our intentions. Then you hang up. 
  • During those 3 hours if you need any coaching from me you call back in. I will be there. 
  • At the end of the time period, you call back in and celebrate together. 

Things such as... 

  • Watching a MIIC module you've been avoiding. 
  • Writing. 
  • Making calls, emails you've been avoiding that will move your business and life forward.
  • Organizing your calendar. 
  • Cooking! Meal planning. 
  • Or learning to relax and do NOTHING for an hour. 
* Heather will help you create your own individualized action plan and show you which projects to focus on first to get you the quickest results in your life, work and relationships (including parenting). 
(Because of the results-based nature of this program, we screen our clients carefully to ensure we can 100% deliver - apply today and we will get on the phone to make sure it's a good fit). 
Listen to what past students are saying. 
Samia used to panic and wonder why she couldn't support her son's anger.

Before joining this program, Alicia's days were filled with appointments and an endless to-do list. She felt there was no time to do anything for herself.

Listen to their stories to hear how this experience has transformed how they parent.
Who was this experience created for?
Ambitious women who are experiencing an inner calling to make a bigger impact in the world BEYOND their role as a parent.
Women craving more love, more connection, more time and a deeper sense of purpose and understanding of their children’s behaviour and HOW to help them. 
Women who want to truly understand how to manger their emotions and become less reactive. 
Women who crave community and connection with other game changing women who ‘get’ them and speak their language. 
Women who want to deeply understand their children and cultivate authentic connection with them. 
Holistic minded women who are DONE with excuses and ready to break up with struggle.
Women who are open to creating more ease and abundance in all aspects of their lives. ​
How does it work? Watch the video.

Accountability → Check-Ins every week.

Action orientated → Action brings about transformation and I will hold you accountable to your vision. 
Community →
Quality, committed women willing and ready to support one another.

Limiting beliefs and
self-sabotage → Excuses BEGONE! This program is designed to help you create what you want (and not focus on what you don’t want). It’s time for change!

Transformation →  Strategy + cultivated mindset + inspired action.

If you follow the process, ask for help, show up... Transformation will naturally occur.  

The MIIC mastermind community, paired with my laser strategic training and soul based coaching will give you the opportunity to be cracked wide open to a new way of parenting and living that is in alignment with what your soul is craving. 

This is NOT some signature system or a one size fits all process. You will have access to training with ready to use scripts and guidance, but this program will be designed in a way to meet your unique child's needs and to create a life that is custom fit for YOU. 

If you read nothing else on this page, ask yourself this one question...

Do you really want to keep putting
band-aids on the challenges you face with your kids and your life?  Or do you want to SOLVE the problem at the root cause so you don’t have regrets when they leave home?

The Process (Modules)
Counscious Parenting 101 
Learn how to get your kids to listen and respect you without punishment. 
Understand discipline vs. natural consequence to help your child gain autonomy. 
Discover the 3 keys to compassionate communication that prevent meltdowns, shorten tantrums and deepens your mother- child connection. ​

These strategies are appropriate for children of all ages. 
How To Create Ease And Flow In ALL ASPECTS of Life
Learn the Mom Is In Control techniques to design the life you crave (and how to get your husband on board). 
Take action to create ease and flow in your everyday life (so you don't get burnt out before 7pm). 
How to cultivate relationships that fill you up and don't leave you drained. 
Energetic Time Management
Learn what 'energy leaks' are and how to stop these unconscious habits so you have more energy at the end of the day. 
Ready to use templates on how to structure your day to avoid burnout and exhaustion. 
Understand why you've been putting off taking care of yourself or pursuing that exciting project that you dream of. 
Dodge procrastination and take action on building the life your soul is craving. 
Emotional Intelligence Mastery
Recognize your own and other people's emotions, be able to discriminate between different feelings and label them appropriately. 
Decode and understand your child's behaviour. 
Learn how to response without yelling. 
Please read investment coaching level details above before applying

(Because of the results-based nature of this program, we screen our clients carefully to ensure we can 100% deliver - apply today and we will get on the phone to make sure it's a good fit). 
Program Features
Professional Mentorship
Heather Chauvin, BSW 
Heather helps women understand their children and themselves so they can create the lives they feel most called to lead. 

Her specialty and genius lies in using her intuition to help women connect and understand their children on a deep soul level while energetically guiding them through their blocks to achieve the life they truly desire.

Heather is happily married and a mother to three uniquely different boys (11,6,3).

Almost three years ago she was diagnosed with stage 4 Burkett’s Lymphoma and is now thriving.
Heather founded the Mom Is In Control Podcast and Mastermind in 2014 after a decade of experience in the Western mental health and holistic wellness community.

Heather prides herself on being imperfect and is proof that you can have the life, bank account and relationships you truly desire (if you give yourself permission to go after them).

Heather has been the go to support for thousands of families, helping them reconnect and take inspired action on the lives they DO want. She has been featured on the OWN network, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur On Fire and many other multimedia outlets.

"I appreciate Heather’s direct style that is supportive, encouraging, and fully focused. 
Heather helps you recognize the blocks you create in your life and then gently but firmly guides you in overcoming them so they aren’t as much in the foreground anymore. 

Heather will help you prepare to take action and follow through with it, encouraging you with each success and each blip along the way."
 Leigh, mother of 3 who lives in Japan
The Experience
This program is designed to fit your lifestyle and commitment level. This program is 12 months long to give you the time and space needed to create lasting change. 

As soon as you accepted and registered for the program you will get immediate access to the MIIC jumpstart so you can start seeing change right away. 
Jumpstart BONUS modules include: 
Training on how to start supporting your children's BIG EMOTIONS. 
How to set yourself up for success in this program and life. 
Direct feedback from Heather - in the members only private FB group. 
Begin to connect with other like minded women.
Mindful Budgeting 101 - save you time, money and energy. 

(Because of the results-based nature of this program, we screen our clients carefully to ensure we can 100% deliver - apply today and we will get on the phone to make sure it's a good fit).
Program Outline
First 8 weeks 
Training module released every 7 days. 
Facebook Group check in and feedback from Heather 
Weekly Productive Sessions (see above how these work).

Productive Sessions with Heather

12 months of individualized coaching and accountability to help you create the space and strategy needed to grow. 
Different times to accommodate schedules and time zones. 
Direct Contact With Heather
Voice and text for feedback between coaching sessions. 

So how much is this magical experience? 
Productive Sessions: Accountability and weekly coaching ($3000)
Email Success Coaching: Direct Private Feedback From Heather via voice and text ($2000 value) 
Weekly Step By Step Module Training Process ($600 value) 
MIIC Mastermind Community (Priceless) 
Lifetime Membership To Curriculum & Resources (Priceless) 
BONUS: Teach Your Kid To Meditate Program ($400 value) 
BONUS: Early Bird Access To MIIC Jumpstart ($500 value) 
BONUS MODULE: How To Manifest & Feel In Control Of Your Money ($1000 value) 

Along with all the magic that we can't put a price on that begins to unfold in your life - that I can't put a price on.



$500 x12 payment plan. $5500 paid in full. 

(Because of the results-based nature of this program, we screen our clients carefully to ensure we can 100% deliver - apply today and we will get on the phone to make sure it's a good fit).


Not - So - Fine - Print. 

If accepted into the program, you will be given a legal coaching agreement contract indicating program details and responsibilities of Heather Chauvin - as your coach. 

Happiness policy: If you do not feel this program meets your current needs within the first 14 days of the start date, Heather will refund your money. To qualify for a refund you must submit your homework and assignments. 

This program is not to replace any medical attention but will only enhance your life and your child's life experience. 

Now if you're all the way to the end of the page, you're interested, you're excited AND scared... that's a good sign. Click on the red 'apply now' button above as spaces will fill quickly and change won't happen unless you do. You're not alone.  

If you have any personal questions, please contact us directly at support (at) 

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